The delicious tea features for each region

Abundant nature bestows the S-shaped strip of the quintessential specialties of heaven and earth. Perhaps there is hardly any country in the world with a rich cuisine like Vietnam. Each region has delicious dishes with strong flavors but still reflects the Vietnamese spirit, captivating diners in all four directions. 

Com nuggets - taste of Hanoi autumn

One thing is undeniable that every time you come to Hanoi, the footsteps of the traveler could not help but become overwhelmed by the seductive fragrance of the nuggets of autumn rice.

The delicious tea features for each regionCom - the ingredient of Hanoi nuggets of tea. Photo:

Nuggets are common in Vietnam. From the North to the South, from the plains to the mountains, whenever rice is present, there is nuggets. But strangely, nowhere is the famous, delicious as nuggets in this business place. Made from premium rice, nuggets here are clear, green and delicious, extremely sweet and juicy. 

The delicious tea features for each regionThe dish is simple but contains the soul of the countryside. Photo: Roll n Roll

To make this signature dish of Hanoi is not difficult. People only need to pinch nuggets, tapioca flour and a little sugar alum to get both elegant and familiar food. Com nuggets have moderate comparability, yellowish green pea, green of mint mixed with milky white color of coconut milk, and some roasted peanuts to make the bowl of tea become more eye-catching and more attractive. Simple as that, but nuggets make many people nostalgic when arriving in the capital.

Lotus seed longan tea - a dish of tea style Hue ancient cuisine

Hue cuisine has long been known as quite sophisticated, each dish here is elaborately processed, not containing the soul of the land and people. And so does lotus seed tea, even though it's just a dessert, but looking at the cup of tea you will see the elegance and quintessence converge.

The delicious tea features for each regionTea with longan lotus seed. Photo: BAOMOI.COM

In fact, cooking longan lotus seed tea is not difficult but requires meticulous and takes a lot of time. Most important is the stage of selecting raw materials, lotus seeds must be uniformly round, still plastic and fragrant. Lotus seeds after peeling, taking the heart, steaming cooked, then take away the sugar alum to sweet. Longan filtered seeds are removed but do not make the rice tank, then put the lotus seeds into the sugar. To keep the brittle, it is necessary to boil the sugar water, turn off the stove, and then release the lotus longan.

The delicious tea features for each regionA bowl of cool, sweet tea of ​​Hue. Photo:

With the sweet sweetness of rock sugar, the crispy crispy taste of longan and the refreshing coolness of lotus. The taste of the sweetness on the tip of the tongue is mixed with a bit of cool, certainly when trying it you will be hard to resist the attractive taste of it.


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Corn tea - a specialty of Hoi An

If you come to Hoi An, you will see corn tea almost everywhere. Not only is the hot day but even when the cold wind rushes back, this delicious , simple and hot tea is black to the people of Hoi and the guests away from home a warm feeling.

The delicious tea features for each regionYoung corn of Cam Nam. Photo: innotour

It is not too picky, simple corn tea from raw materials to processing stages. The main ingredients are corn, diameter and tapioca. However, the corn used to cook tea must be young corn (milk corn) - the type of corn grown on mudflats along the Thu Bon river, with a sweeter, more aromatic flavor than corn elsewhere.

Fresh corn when picked, peeled and peeled into a very thin layer, the corn core will be used to boil water for tea. Bawso meat into the pot to cook and stage evenly so the tea does not clump. When the tea is ripe, sugar and some crushed ginger are added. Corn tea is not necessary for too much water because it has the sweet taste of young corn and to avoid feeling sick.

The delicious tea features for each regionCorn tea - a specialty of Hoi An. Photo: Mytour

Having the opportunity to visit Hoi Street, sitting on the banks of the romantic Hoai River in the cold autumn weather and enjoying a bowl of corn tea, you will feel all of its elegant, delicious, cool taste. And will understand why Cam Nam corn tea has become a specialty in Hoi An .

Banana tea with semolina - a typical tea dish of the Southwest region

The people of the Southwestern region have their own cuisine, it seems that their dishes have the presence of bananas like banana bread, banana cream, banana rice paper and banana tea. In particular, the banana semolina tea - a simple and simple tea, but contains many beautiful memories of each southern Vietnamese.

The delicious tea features for each regionTypical tea dish of the Southwest region. Photo:

Banana tea with semolina has a liberal character of the Southern people. The ingredients used to cook tea, such as bananas, coconuts to sweet sweet potatoes or aromatic cassava roots can be found in the garden. This tea is made from bananas with coconut milk and flour. semolina - small round beads like white pearls when soaked in water will bloom. Because bananas have a natural sweetness, the coconut milk added to the tea will be seasoned with salt to have a salty taste to neutralize, giving the dish a better taste.

The delicious tea features for each regionFatty, sweet taste of banana tea. Photo:

The combination of greasy coconut milk, chewy tapioca starch with alluring colors, attractive, it's hard to resist.

Buoi tea - fruit flavor in An Giang region

The peaceful and prosperous land of An Giang not only has luxuriant fruit gardens but also gives visitors far-away gifts, unique and delicious dishes that cannot be forgotten when one tasted.

The delicious tea features for each regionGrapefruit peel - the main ingredient of tea. Photo:

Pomel tea is everywhere but the most characteristic is still in An Giang. If you have the opportunity to visit this land, do not forget to try it. To prepare this tea, people take advantage of leaving the grapefruit, preliminary processing for all bitterness and then put in the tea pot cooked with green beans, coconut milk. The grapefruit fibers are still slightly fragrant, both chewy and crunchy, the taste stays at the tip of the tongue.

The delicious tea features for each regionIn An Giang, we cannot miss grapefruit tea. Photo: Downtownpainesville

The sweet, delicious taste of the above teas, hopefully will contribute to your journey of discovery to the fullest.