The heat is hot, she told me that the dishes that could be exposed to the sun were super attractive, the whole family loved

Make sure these are the most delicious and attractive sun-drying dishes, and you do not regret doing.



- 600gr lean shoulder meat

- 150gr meat fat - 30gr white sugar - 10gr salt - 1 tbsp of delicious soy sauce - 1 tbsp of cinnamon apricot wine (aromatic wine).

- 1 teaspoon spice

- 150gr young pig heart

You can make apricot cinnamon wine to make the workshop as follows: 10 star anise petals, 50g cinnamon, 20g cloves. All fragrant roasted. Put star anise, cinnamon, clove in glass jar, pour 1 liter of white wine to soak for two weeks or more to use.


Pork washed with salt water, wrapped in a clean towel, cut small cubes (pomegranate seeds).

Fat cut like meat, marinated with sugar, exposed to the sun. Mix meat, fat with spices: salt, soy sauce, cinnamon apricot wine, spices, sugar. Marinate for about 3 hours to really absorb the spice. In the marinating process, stir the seasonings evenly.

Wash young hearts with white wine, remove immediately.

Here, I use a bottle, cut the top of the bottle, tie the first part of the heart to the top of the bottle and then firmly attach it with the punctured bottle, so the stuffing of meat and fat is very simple. Stuff the mixture of meat - fat into the young heart, about 10cm, then start tying, stuffing until it is gone.

Boil a pot of boiling water, put some white wine in the pot, drop the sausage into the pot, stir and remove immediately, to dry.

Use needles into the sausage, then hang up to airy, sunny, dry, sometimes evenly. When dry, it is okay, about 3-5 days depending on how much sunlight or not.

When the sausage is dry, wrap it in a blotting paper and put it in the fridge, or hang it in a cool place and last for a long time.

When using the sausage, just boil it, then take it out, roll on the non-stick pan to make the sausage yellow and don't fry the oil. The seasoning depends on the sweetness of each person's taste.

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- 300g pork

- Spices: salt, sugar, paprika, spices depending on the taste


- Choose pork skin thin pieces, shave very cleanly, squeeze through salt to clean.

- Boil the packaging with a little salt and ginger, until the packaging turns yellow in, turn off the heat.

- Take the pork skin into a bowl of cold water to avoid browning.

- To drain, use a sharp knife to scrape off the remaining fat on the skin. Cut the packaging into small pieces of 2x2 cm size

- Put pork skin into tray and let it dry in the sun to dry.

- Boil very old boiling oil, drop the packaging into small batches of fried pork until all boils are gone

- Mix the spice mixture with 1 soup powder, 1 sugar, 1 spoon of chili powder, and shaker with fried pork skin Store in a well-closed container.

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- 2 pieces of pork belly (bacon) - 1 garlic; 2-3 citronella; 1-2 peppers; 1 tablespoon five flavors; 1 little MSG or seasoning; 1 bit of sugar; 1 tablespoon paprika; 1 bit pepper


Bacon shave the skin, wash it clean, then pat it dry and cut the meat into 2cm thick pieces.

Lemongrass, chili washed and crushed and minced, chopped garlic. The remaining spices in a bowl and mix well. Put the bacon in a large bowl then add all the ingredients.

Wear gloves and massage evenly on both sides of meat to absorb meat, marinate for 20-30 minutes.

Meat, after being marinated, spread the meat into a tray, spread evenly and expose to the sun. If the sun is big, you can dry it for a day, the sun is dry, let it dry for about 2 days for the meat to be firm, slightly dry without being too dry. A piece of bacon, sunny, probably grilled or fried are very delicious.

If you don't use the sun immediately, you can store it in a freezer.

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Mackerel after cleaning, cut off the head, tail, body to cut about 1-1.5cm size of the little finger knuckle. Mix dilute salt water and submerge the mackerel in the solution for about 30 minutes.

Choose a place with full-day sunlight, preferably a rooftop terrace because this place is both clean and sunny to add heat to the basement of the concrete floor. Exposure to an old sunshine (heavy sun, intense sun) from morning to afternoon is that we have completed a delicious sunny fish dish.

Store mackerel in a sunny place in the refrigerator and use it gradually.

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- Ca Cannon: 500g

- Galangal: 1 bulb - Garlic: 1 bulb - Chilli: 1-2 fruits - Salt: 1 little - Sugar: 1 little - Filtered water - European container


Coffee cannon bought about 2 hours in the sun to wilt away. Cut off the stem, wash it, soak the water in a pot of salt water.

Galangal, washed garlic, mortar, pestle to fragrant. Boil some boiling water to cool about 30 degrees, mix about 1 liter of water with 1 teaspoon of sugar, 3 teaspoons of salt put the eggplant in a bowl respectively. Add chili, galangal, garlic and mix well. Using a small dish, compress and place a heavy object and close the lid.

With this way only about 2-3 days later you can eat coffee already. Summer eating eggplant with sour soup is the best!

It's not hard to make your own artillery salt. Each piece of crispy eggplant served with rice soup is great.


- You should only salt coffee 1kg at a time, eat all the salt again, do not let coffee too long in the jar of coffee with white scum eating badly.

- Pots and bowls of salt need to be washed and dried well before salting to avoid getting sticky.

- Coffee that needs to be dried for drying will be crunchy and delicious.

- Need to compress the coffee to sink the coffee under the water, otherwise the coffee will emerge on the black and boots.

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- 1-2 mustard greens

- Several shallots - 1 liter of water - 1 teaspoon of salt - 2 tablespoons of sugar - 2 tablespoons of vinegar - 1 little chili if you like spicy food


Mustard greens are dried in the sun and then washed, then cut to taste, sliced ​​shallots. Add water, sugar, salt, and vinegar to a stirring pot to melt sugar and bring to a boil and allow to cool.

Pour melon, red onion into a clean glass jar, then pour the vinegar in the sugar to cool down, gently press for water immersion. Cover the jar and let it stand for about 1-2 days, the yellow pickles, if you don't eat immediately, put the melon in the refrigerator and eat it. It won't get too sour.

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Pickled sauerkraut can be eaten directly to reduce boredom for Tet holiday or to store fish, meat stock, soup ... are very delicious.