2 simple and delicious ways to make sweet potato cocoon at home

Sweet potatoes are not only high in fiber but also provide vitamins such as A, B, C, minerals like zinc, potassium, manganese ... very good for the digestive system, weight loss and beauty.

The cocoon sweet potato pieces are greasy with coconut milk, the flesh of the potato and the sweet taste of sugar makes it an attractive snack. How to make sweet potato cocoons very simple, easy to do right at home.

How to make delicious tapioca sweet potato simple at home

1. Raw materials for making cocoon sweet potatoes

- Sweet potato 500g (Should use the yellow potato will be better)

- Tapioca flour 200g (Can be replaced by corn flour)

- 1 pack of 150g crispy flour

- 10g black sesame (black sesame)

- 30g sugar

- 100ml of coconut milk

- Cooking oil

2 ways to make sweet potato at home

The main ingredients make delicious cocoon sweet potato

2. A simple guide to making sweet potato cocoons

Step 1: Wash, boil or steam the sweet potatoes. Remove the potato skins and place in a large bowl, using a spoon to mash the potatoes. Should spread while the potatoes are still hot to make them easier to blend and the mixture is finer.

2 ways to make sweet potato at home

Cook cooked potatoes, peeled and puree

Step 2: Add coconut milk to the potatoes, adjust the amount of coconut milk so that the mixture does not get too dry or too crushed. Potato soaked in coconut milk and then put flour and sugar into the island are stirring until a smooth, manageable mass is obtained.

Step 3: Make each sweet potato ball into small pieces about the size of a thumb or a circle of your choice. Roll over the sweet potato balls with the flour dough to form the dough.

2 ways to make sweet potato at home

Step 4: Dissolve the deep-fried flour with filtered water into a paste. Add sesame seeds (black sesame) to the island ..

Step 5: Put the pan on the stove, fill the pan with oil, simmer until the oil boils, then lower the heat. Dip each piece of sweet potato into a ball of deep fried flour.

2 ways to make sweet potato pops up in the dark easy to clean - 4

The fries turn yellow and become crispy. Pick up the potatoes into a tray covered with paper to absorb oil.

Finished sweet potato cocoon with beautiful yellow, black sesame seeds hidden under the yellow powder. Hot potato crispy outside, soft in, fleshy of sesame, fragrant aroma of coconut milk.

2 ways to make sweet potato in tai chi donated delicious time to clean - 5

Finished sweet potato cocoons to nursery, crispy outside, soft in

How to make sweet cocoon sweet potato

Cocoon sweet potato with green beans is loved by many people because of the sweetness of potatoes and green beans combined with the cool aroma of coconut milk, the sweetness that creates the taste that both adults and children love.

1. Raw materials for making sweet potato and green bean paste

- 500g sweet potato (purple sweet potato, turmeric ...)

- 200g green peas removed

- 200g tapioca flour

- 1 package of crispy batter

- 100ml of coconut milk

- 30g sugar, 1 pinch of salt

2. Steps to do

Step 1: Green beans soak for 12 hours in cold water or 6 hours with warm water. Wash and steam thoroughly then incubate to make a paste (beat while the beans are still hot, add a few salt grains to make the beans thicker). When the green beans are smooth and still warm, the members are small.

2 ways to make sweet potato pops up in the dark easy to clean - 6

Green beans into small balls

Step 2: Boiled or steamed sweet potatoes, peeled, beaten into a smooth mixture. Add moderate amount of coconut milk to the island with potatoes. Then add tapioca flour and sugar to make a smooth, playable mixture. Round the potato mixture and leave for about 1 hour.

2 ways to make sweet potato at home

Step 3: Take the dough out into small pieces evenly, spread thinly and then add a piece of green bean paste, slowly rounded.

Step 4: Mix the package of fried flour with water to make a paste. Pan the pan on the stove, fill with oil and simmer until the oil boils, reduce the heat. Dip each piece of sweet potato wrapped in green peas into a deep fried flour mixture and place in a frying pan. When the yellow potatoes are all cooked, take the cake out of a tray lined with paper to absorb oil.

2 ways to make sweet potato pops up with a good time to clean - 8

Finished sweet potato pie with green bean paste must have a yellow crunchy crust, soft potato inside, aromatic green beans. Hot cakes will get the best taste

Recipes delicious sweet potato cocoons and refrigerated for long

- Sweet potatoes should choose the type of yellow potato or turmeric will eat fat, greasy and more fragrant. Purple sweet potatoes are okay but have the flexibility.

How to make sweet potato cocoons without tapioca : Tapioca flour can be replaced with corn flour or glutinous rice flour mixed with ordinary rice (1: 1 ratio).

How to make sweet potato cocoons for a long time : Cocoon sweet potatoes for a long time, they need to fry 2 times. First fry until the potatoes are golden, allow to cool in the fridge (freezer). When eaten, thawed and fried again is still crispy, delicious.

Cocoon sweet potato served with hot and spicy chili sauce, numbness in the tongue has a very crisp, sweet, extremely attractive.

Wish you make successful cocoon sweet potato!