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To get the delicious, crunchy, golden pickles, there must be its own secrets. From the stage of choosing mustard to the steps of treating pickle water must be carefully and properly prepared.

Many Vietnamese families still have pickled sauerkraut in a tray of rice. Not only does the dish help relieve boredom because it is not greasy, but it also stimulates the taste buds, but also helps to digest better, eat better thanks to the addition of good fiber. To make pickled sauerkraut you need important ingredients, indispensable.

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- 1 kg mustard greens: You should choose fresh, not young, not old, not crushed, withered yellowish.

- 1 liter of boiled water (let cool)

- 20g sugar

- 60g of salt, large seeds

- 3 teaspoons small vinegar.

- Onions, scallions, fresh peppers

- 1 pickle tool: jar, jar, jar, jar, bowl, etc.


Step 1: Wilt the vegetables

- Broccoli bought to wash away the deep, damaged leaves, then bring them to the sun for 2-3 hours, if it is not sunny, let it cool for about half a day.

- Observe vegetables when the leaves have withered, the sheaths slightly shrink, touching the vegetables feels soft and chewy.

- Vegetables after being wilted, cut off the leftovers and deep sections with a knife, cut vegetables into sections of 3-5cm. Rinse well with water and let vegetables dry before salting.

- Onions, scallions: washed, cut moderately

Step 2: Clean the salt tools

Wash well, let dry. You can conduct more thorough cleaning by lying in a pot of boiling water for about 10 minutes, wiping it off with a dry towel or paper. This is the way to disinfect tools.

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Pickled jars of salt will taste better

Step 3: Mix the sauerkraut brine

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Pickled brine decided on the taste of the melon after salt because of the spice ingredients in it, so you need to pay more attention.

Mix cooled boiled water with salt in a ratio of 1: 3: 1 (1 liter of water requires 3 tablespoons of grain salt and 1 teaspoon of sugar). Stir with chopsticks. You can try the taste of water in advance to see if it can be adjusted to your taste and the taste of others. You can add a little bit of sour vinegar for faster fermentation.

Step 4: How to make crispy, delicious pickles?

When you put the pickles in the salt utensils, you should arrange them first in the order of the stalks first, the leaves cover up because the stalks are the hardest, so it takes more time to ripen. The last layer you add onions, scallions, other spices.

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Vegetables into flooded jars and not need to be too tight to have oxygen fermented melon

Important note is that you have to submerge the melon to avoid bruising, not cooked evenly. If there is not enough water, use a heavy object (like a water bag) or bamboo stick to compress the sauerkraut.

Step 5: Preserving and using sauerkraut

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When the salt is finished, choose a cool dry place, leave it for about 2 days as yellow melon, very delicious. If there is sunshine, bring the jar of melon to the sun in the sun for 1 day, the next day to keep the jar of melon in a cool place.

When taking the melon out, use the chopstick to meet gently from the top down. If you want to eat the stem, it should be left to the next day to reduce pungency.

So above we have shown you how to pickle cabbage simple and not take too much time. Pickled sauerkraut should be eaten with the food, so as not to be bored. Especially, the sour water can be used to make chan soup or the broth for cooking dishes is also very delicious. Good luck!