How to cook delicious curry duck flavor is hard to resist

How to cook delicious duck curry with meat, smooth and greasy water makes the diners come to visit or entertain the whole family with the following secret.

To cook the most delicious duck curry that is better than the outside, just refer to the cooking method below that will surely succeed. Recipe for sweet duck meat to eat soft aromatic smell of curry, duck broth mix golden yellow if dotted with bread, then eat delicious hiccups.

Prepare materials

- Siamese duck: 1kg

- Potatoes: 3 bulbs

- Onions: 2 bulbs

- Carrots: 2 bulbs

- Curry powder: 1 pack

- Lemongrass, fresh chili, dried onions, dried garlic, star anise

- Spices: Soup, seasoning seeds, coconut water, cooking oil, MSG, pepper

- Coriander, coriander


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Choose the freshest duck

How to cook delicious duck curry

Step 1: Preliminary processing

- Duck meat deodorizes by rubbing salt and then rinse with a bite.

- Potatoes, onions, carrots peeled and cut into pieces. Put the potatoes in brine diluted for 15 minutes to remove the plastic.

- Onions, dried garlic, peeled lemongrass washed and crushed chopped. The cilantro, cilantro leave the roots and leaves washed and cut short for the final.

- Roasted star anise fragrant.

If you don't have any potatoes, try taro or taro.

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Preliminary processing through materials

Step 2: Marinate the duck mixture with spices

- Duck meat in a bowl marinated with ½ packet of curry powder, star anise powder, soup powder, MSG, a little sugar, dried onion, chili, pepper then mix well. Next, add 1 tablespoon of coconut water to the island and marinate together to infuse at least 30 minutes.

Coconut water will make duck meat sweet and soft. Anise makes an attractive fragrance

You can use cashew oil when marinating meat to create a dark yellow for curry duck dishes more eye-catching.

Step 3. Cook the curry duck

- North pot on the stove, add cooking oil into fragrant garlic and minced lemongrass. Next, put the remaining ½ of curry on the island to color, then fry the duck and hunt again.

- Stir fried duck meat, then continue to add potatoes, carrots to the island to infuse spices after making more water to invade the surface of the meat and simmer for 20 minutes to soften the duck and potato meat, carrots. Tasting spices to taste

- Before turning off the heat, add the onions to the island and cook for 3 minutes, then turn off the heat. Drop the cilantro and coriander cilantro into it and scoop it into a bowl to enjoy.

Note to cook the perfect duck curry:

Do not heat the fire quickly to run out of water leading to burning and bitterness.

Do not put onions right from the start, so the onions that are cooked will be ruined.

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Cook curry duck finished products

Finished products: Curry duck with viscous viscous water looks eye-catching to create a delicious feeling, cooked sweet and juicy duck meat with the aroma of curry powder with star anise will surely satisfy customers.

Duck curry with bread or noodles, hot rice is the best. Good luck.


Choose ducks a little bit old and chewy for a long time, the duck meat will be more delicious, not too friable, preliminary processing of duck washing materials to ensure no bad smell.

When eating for a little coriander to wake up aroma to eat bored.