How to make delicious corn milk smooth at home

Corn milk is one of the favorite drinks because of its delicious greasy taste. Refer to the best way to make corn milk below to make for your baby and family members to enjoy.

Corn milk is made from sweet corn ingredients combined with milk sugar to create a nice light yellow product with a sweet and fatty taste. Corn milk contains many nutritious ingredients that are very beneficial to human health, especially children and pregnant women. The fiber, vitamins, minerals, proteins, starch ... have an antioxidant effect that improves the skin and regulates blood gases.

Raw materials for making corn milk

- Sweet corn: 2 corns (should choose large fresh corn)

- Fresh milk: 200ml

- White sugar: 500g

- Tools: blender, strainer, pot, large bowl.

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Basic material for making corn milk

How to make delicious corn milk at home

Step 1: Preliminary processing

- Buy corn and remove all corn leaves and stubble from corn, choose young leaves inside to wash and bundle.

- Put the corn and pre-cooked corn husks, clean in a pot and pour water on the stove to boil for 20-30 minutes so that the corn is ripe and fresh water. Be careful not to boil the corn too long, which makes it hard for the corn to split.

- Take the corn to the basket to cool, the fragrant boiled water has a natural sweetness that you extracted separately.

- You separate seeds from the corn in two ways that is to use your hands to separate each seed or planing the corn layers until you touch the core.

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Steps to process materials for making corn milk

Step 2: Grind the corn kernels

- Put the split seeds in a blender with 1.5 liters of corn broth or pureed broth.

- Take the filter mixture through a sieve to get water and remove residue.

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The process of performing grinding and distilling to make corn milk

Step 3: Cook corn milk

- Pour the mixture just filtered into the pot with 200ml of fresh milk stirring to boil on the stove. While stirring, stir the milk so that it does not burn.

- When the milk is boiling, add sugar to taste, stir for a few more minutes to dissolve the milk, then turn off the stove to cool.

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Let the fresh milk and the distilled mixture boil

Finished products and enjoy

- Corn milk has a pale yellow color, it has a rich, greasy, smooth, sweet taste.

- Drinking milk can be served hot or cold depending on your preferences and seasonal climate.

- Corn milk with glass-covered plastic bottle and kept in refrigerator cooler, you can keep it up to 7 days.

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Corn milk is sweet and aromatic

Some other ways to make corn milk

1. How to make sticky corn milk

- The main material for making corn milk is sticky corn

- About how to do: Follow the same steps with corn milk above

- Finished products: Corn milk has a characteristic white color of sticky corn, sweet and sweet taste

2. How to make pumpkin milk

- The additional ingredient is pumpkin

- How to do: You prepare peeled pumpkin cut into 2cm pieces washed and peeled corn washed. Next the steamed pumpkin is cooked in water until cooked, then pureed with boiled corn and split seeds. Then use a sieve to collect more and remove the residue. Bring to boil then season with sugar to taste. You can add coconut milk to increase the greasy.  

- Finished products: Pumpkin pumpkin milk has a delicious taste of sweet corn and pumpkin blends. This is a drink to help you gain weight fast and suitable for all weather and ages.

3. How to make lotus seed corn milk

- The additional material is lotus seed

- How to do: If you use fresh lotus seeds, peel and then wash, with dry lotus seeds you soak for about 3 hours and then wash with dilute salt water to remove dirt. Next, boil the corn and lotus seeds, then separate the corn kernels from the pulp. Then put the mixture into a blender to puree. Take the mixture into a strainer to get water and remove the residue and boil the mixture with fresh milk. When the lotus seed corns boil, add sugar to taste and then turn off the heat. 

- Finished product: Lotus seed corn milk has a light yellow color, with a rich taste of lotus seeds, milk and corn. Regularly drinking lotus seed corn milk helps cure insomnia, nervous breakdown, relieves stress, fatigue, clears heat and supports effective headache treatment and beauty.

Hy with the simple way of making corn milk at home above will help you make delicious corn milk for baby and family. Good luck!